Tennis Champ Simona Halep Undergoes Nose Surgery

tennis champion Simona Halep starting her off-season earlier than usual after having nose surgery, she revealed the news on Thursday.

Halep wrote a long post in a lengthy post on Twitter and explained the procedure was done to address a breathing issue as well as to boost her self-esteem.

“I believed it was the best time to do it , and in my own way as an individual,” the 30-year-old Romanian player said. “That is why I chose as well the aesthetic part I’ve wanted to complete for a long time since I was not a fan of my nose in any way,” she added.

Halep has said she’s not sure of how she’ll recover however, she said she said that she will not compete throughout the rest of 2022.

“For at this point, I’m not even thinking about anything except recuperation,” she said. “What is for certain is that in the coming year, I won’t be able take part in any official competition in the future.”

She later admitted her being “completely tired mentally” after the US Open and also had breathing issues that resulted in the surgery.

“Having breathing issues for a long time and getting worse over time I decided to take instructions from my doctor and undergo the necessary surgery,” she said.

Halep has become the only Romanian female to reach as world number. 1. She is also the first Romanian woman to take home the Wimbledon tennis singles championship.

Halep was ranked number one in 2017 and 2018 and , along the 2019 Wimbledon victory, Halep won the 2018 French Open. However, she suffered from injuries for the next two years, and she fell out of the top 10 players.

In her blog post, Halep said that she was “very close” to giving up tennis because “I was not convinced that I had enough strength to return to be in the top 10.”

“I was experiencing many anxious moments and thought it was time to end my anxiety because it’s emotional and unhealthy,” she continued.

In the new coaching regime Halep was back on the courts in 2022, and quickly returned to the top 10 following an impressive win at the Canadian Open.

“See you in court, 2023!” she announced on Thursday. “I think I’ve got plenty to work on the tennis court, and I still have a few goals.”

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