Meghan McCain and Ben Domenech Expecting a Second Baby Girl

Liberty Sage is going to be a bigger sister!

Meghan McCain and husband Ben Domenech are expecting their second child together, a daughter, she revealed to DailyMail this week. The couple are already parents to their daughter Liberty who will be 2 in the coming month.

“Ben and I feel happy to be welcoming a new addition of our clan this winter. an infant sister for Our daughter Liberty!” she said to the media outlet. “We are closer than halfway to meeting our new daughter and couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Former co-host on the show The View 37-year-old continued “Our entire family, particularly her grandmas, can’t wait to hug them with every bit of love and affection we could possibly offer.”

“Ben as well as I am excited and counting down the days until we can expand our family and welcome our new baby,” she added.

McCain was a mother to her child Liberty in September. 2020, along with her husband Domenech 40 who she got married in 2017. “I am shocked at how much I enjoy motherhood, and honestly,” she told PEOPLE in February. 2021.

“I was going in a debate about how I going to try it and I’m amazed at how in love with it have become,” McCain said. “I believe that my universe has been laughing with me because I was scared of having kids , and I was nervous and in a limbo about it. When I was pregnant, I thought”I don’t know We’ll see how it unfolds.’ “

Its Daily Mail columnist said at the time: “As soon as I am feeling better, I would be thrilled to have more children.”

In the spring of this time last year McCain revealed her secrets to PEOPLE in which she admitted that she has a daughter Liberty has the same behaviors like her father John McCain, who passed away on Aug. 25 in 2018, following a long-term treatment for cancer of the brain.

“So this is a bit odd … Genetics and DNA are a bit spooky,” McCain began. “[Libertydoes this by hand and my dad did that every day. I don’t do it. I’m not sure the source, but she is doing it today.”

The woman added, “I told my mother-in-law that it frightens me when she does this because it’s a tack my father used to perform using his fingers.”

“So you know, it’s not like this, but I love my dad and my mom in a way this is the way I believe most people feel about their parents. They’re the ones that brought you up,” she continued. “And my dad in particular it was just an incredible part of my life, in so many ways. However, with my little girl, the relationship is pure. She’s perfection.”

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