“Call Me Anne” Anne Heche Called Her Sexuality ‘Alien’

The memoir Anne Heche was writing prior to her sudden passing last month has a release date.

Heche was working on Call Me Anne, her sequel in Call Me Crazy from 2001. Call Me Crazy, for months prior to her passing away on August. 12th, Publishers Weekly previously reported. On Thursday The Associated Press published an excerpt in advance of the book’s planned release date of Jan. 24 publication date.

This book “consist[s] of personal anecdotes of her rise to fame: how Harrison Ford became her on-set mentor, her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres, her encounter with Harvey Weinstein, her history of childhood sexual abuse, her relationship with God, her journey to love herself,” according to Start Publishing.

In her reflections on their relationship with her ex, Heche wrote “I was labeled ‘outrageous’ because I fell in love with a woman. I had never been with a woman before I dated Ellen.”

“I did not, personally, identify as a lesbian. I simply fell in love!” The actress wrote who was 53 years old at the time she died. exiled from the life-support unit on August. 14 – two days after she was legal dead. “It was, to be clear, as odd to me as anyone else. There were no words to describe how I felt. Gay didn’t feel right, and neither did straight. Alien might be the best fit, I sometimes thought. What, why, and how I fell in love with a person instead of their gender, I would have loved to have answered if anyone had asked, but as I said earlier, no one ever did. I am happy that I was able to tell you in this book — once and for all.”

The year 1997 was the time that Heche as well as DeGeneres who is now aged 64, made headlines as the first homosexual female couple in Hollywood.

“I met her at the Vanity Fair party. And it was a chemistry thing that you can’t really describe,” DeGeneres said to The Tampa Bay Times in May 1998 about the pair connections. “It just happened. Obviously, I was attracted to her, but that wasn’t enough. There are a lot of attractive people. She is so unique.”

The couple broke up in 2000 , after three and two-and-a-half years of relationship.

The host of the show has frequently avoided discussing Heche and the romance. When asked if she would talk about the breakup in the article in the April issue of PEOPLE, DeGeneres said, “No.”

“I never have and I won’t,” she added. “At some point, people will stop bringing it up.”

DeGeneres did however declare her opinion prior to Heche’s death, which was tragically premature. Responding to the shocking announcement that her ex-wife died “not expected to survive” following her August. five vehicle crash she posted on Twitter, “This is a tragic day. I’m sending Anne’s kids and family members all my affection.”

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