Ana de Armas Tears in Venice as ‘Blonde’ Stuns with a 14-Minute Standing Ovation

Andrew Dominik’s “HTMOBLONDE ” received a standing ovation of 14 minutes during its world premiere at 2022 Venice Film Festival. Ana de Armas was the Marilyn Monroe character and was visibly moved by the screening.

The film’s world premiere Brad Pitt was preceded by de Armas director Andrew Dominik, Adrien Braody, and Julianne Nicholson. This created some excitement on the red carpet. Pitt, who wore a black Covid mask while he worked with the crowds to take selfies and sign autographs. Pitt surprised everyone by making an unexpected appearance in Venice, as he wasn’t present at the film’s press conference earlier that day. Dede Gardner, also a producer of “Blonde”, was also present.

Due to de Armas’ portrayal of the Hollywood icon, the biographical drama is one of festival’s most anticipated titles.

Brody, the co-star, also wept. Pitt looked happy.

“Blonde” reimagines Monroe’s life, starting with her turbulent childhood as Norma Jeane and ending with her stardom. Brody Cannavale and Evan Williams are part of the supporting cast. The film premiered in competition at Venice Film Festival.

Due to de Armas’ casting, “Blonde,” which was set for its world premiere in July, received some criticism from moviegoers via social media. After the official trailer for the film was released in July, viewers were critical of de Armas’ accent. Most complaints about de Armas’ casting pointed out that she retained her Cuban accent and didn’t channel Monroe’s breathy vocals. Marilyn Monroe’s estate supported de Armas casting, despite her not having been involved in filmmaking.

Marc Rosen, president entertainment at Authentic Brands Group and owner of the Marilyn Monroe Estate, stated that Marilyn Monroe is a unique Hollywood and pop culture icon. “Any actor who steps into this role knows that they have huge shoes to fill. Ana looks great in the role, capturing Marilyn’s vulnerability, humanity, and glamour. We cannot wait to see the entire film!

De Armas had previously stated The Times of London, that she spent almost a year perfecting her Monroe accent before filming began. De Armas stated that it took her nine months to perfect her Monroe accent. She also practiced and had some ADR sessions. It was so torturous and exhausting. My brain was burned.”

Netflix will open “Blonde”, a global Netflix original, on Sept. 28, worldwide

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