Testimoni Guru

Zhang Shengze -- Testimoni guru

There are innoncent, lovely and smart students, knowledgeable, experienced and passionate team of teachers, here, which is known IONS. Unconsciously, if I may say so, I have been here nearly half a year to teach language Mandarin.

However, I already feel alot even in this limited amount of time. I mean if i have to sum it up in one sentence, it must be : learning is fun. Indeed, IONS is not a place where it makes learning boring as usual. It is more like a modern, open, and inclusive library where experiences, thoughts and opinions are gathered together, each individual seems like a book on the shelves and you can also learn from other people,which you cannot learn from a textbook. Well, I do hope that more and more students and teachers will join us in the coming days, and find more fun in learning together.

ANISA PERMATASARI -- Testimoni guru

Tumbuh berkembang bersama siswa Neutron Priority merupakan hal yang sangat menggembirakan. Siswanya yang aktif, antusias, dan berproses untuk selalu berprestasi membuat kami selaku pengajar bangga menjadi bagian darinya. The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires (William A.Ward)

ARY DIAH P -- Testimoni guru

Being a teacher does not only teach the student, but also a teacher has to understand and care to student. Berinteraksi dan dekat dengan siswa Neutron Priority adalah hal yang menyenangkan sekaligus cara untuk memahami mereka. Pelajaran bahasa Inggris pun tidak hanya menjadi “fun” tetapi “amazing”. Pengalaman yang menyenangkan menjadi pengajar Neutron Priority.