Karya Siswa

Vira Siska Sendya

"Best of the best."

Muhammad Anugrah Mappinyameng

I just joined a study tour program in Melbourne University with IONs. It was a really amazing and exciting time. We learned much better there, travelled in the Australian landmark, tasted some Aussie food, learned about Aussie slang, Aussie culture and the Aborigines. All of them were very interesting. The Australians are also very friendly. I have learned very much from the study tour. The first thing was "travelling" which is to regulate imagination by reality. The second thing was helping others and learning to talk to people with the most polite English. I also learned to be confident to talk English. The point is not "what you are doing" but "how you are doing it" and I liked it when I put a smile to others.

My deepest gratitude is dedicated to the Indonesian and Australian leaders and also the teachers in Melbourne University because we won't know anything there without them all. A special thanks is dedicated to the homestay parents. They are very welcome and friendly. All of them made my stay there very impressive.

Muhammad Alkahfi Try Dalle

Homestaynya keren abis. Meninggalkan banyak kenangan. Housefam sangat friendly. Membuat menjadi seperti keluarga sendiri. Program ini keren asik seruuu. Bagian yang paling seru waktu belajar di Melbourne University sama keliling ke tempat-tempat wisata gitu. I like it very much. Next time kalau ada homestay pengin ikut lagi. 

Septian Dwi Cahya

Ikut program kemarin itu seru, tempat-tempatnya juga keren-keren. Bisa belajar di Melbourne University  juga enak. Ternyata gurunya ada yang bisa ngomong Bahasa Indonesia gokil tuh, house parents nya ramah dan baik. Perjalanan kemaren pokoknya enaakk deh!!! Tahun depan kalau ada ikut deh.

Fatma Harmadani

Ikut acara kemarin itu menyenangkan dan menantang. Home parentsnya baik banget, banyak tempat-tempat yang menarik disana. Belajar di Melbourne University juga seru. Pengalaman yang ga bakal terlupakan dan semoga bisa berkunjung kesana lagi.

Gidion Ivan Arly

Lovely & very amazing program!! Great experience with my surprising friends & great leaders also teachers. It was a  very funtastic (Fun & fantastic) educational program because we lived in Melbourne, the most multicultural city in Australia, and from that place we learned many things Australian slang, food &  cullinary, Aussie social intercourse, their law & rules, also their people, and many more!! I enjoyed the homestay too because we could challenge ourselves to speak in English to our host family everytime. Of course there were also some misunderstandings, but they made us laugh. Besides that, we can learn to understand each other by learning the  misunderstandings between the both countries, we can share our culture, and we can learn how to survive in Australia, and I think we can survive, thanks my friends and also Ms. Vina & Mr. Andi from IONs-iLink always be better!

Ghina Mardhiyah Rahardjo

It was a great experience to participate in this homestay program. What I enjoyed most was going to Melbourne University by tram and going back to my homestay by trains. I also enjoyed the Amazing Race Challenge across the city, practising my English with the Australian, eating some Oz food, buying some souvenirs in Queen Victoria Market, shopping in Chadstone Mall, visiting the Twelve Apostles and many more! I had a lot of fun during this homestay program.The teachers taught us very well and the place was amazing. I truly love this program!

Vistia Margaretha Lubis

It was a very memorable experience to me. We stayed in a house with a friendly family. We became like real students with a lot of schedules. We woke up, had breakfast and went to the station to take the train and tram. We studied at the University of Melbourne with friendly and good teachers. We learned about the Aborigines, Australian animals, food and slangs.  We also learned to perform in a musical theatre. We bought some souvenirs in Queen Victoria Market and visited the largest shopping center in Melbourne, Chadstone Mall. We enjoyed fun weekend activities to Eureka tower, the zoo, Phillip Island to see the penguins and the Great Ocean Road. On the last day we had Amazing Race Challenge in which we looked for places with some clues given. We had to walk around the city and talked to the Australians in English. But that was so much fun. It was a nice homestay program. I'll wait for the next one 

Study Tour

Study Tour i-LINK Desember 2012 - Januari 2013 Program terbaru i-LINK adalah Study Tour ke Australia pada tanggal 21 Desember 2012- 6 Januari 2013. Program selama 16 hari ini bertujuan untuk melatih bahasa Inggris siswa secara lebih intensif di English-speaking environment dan juga memperkenalkan kebudayaan western di Australia.

Bertepatan dengan perayaan Christmas yang sudah menjadi tradisi di Australia, kami juga akan memperlihatkan kepada siswa kami "Oz Christmas" di Melbourne. Nantinya para siswa juga akan kami ajak melihat malam pergantian tahun baru di Sydney Harbour yang terkenal dengan fireworksnya. Siswa akan kami ajak untuk belajar bahasa Inggris dengan cara yang lebih interaktif dan menyenangkan.

Konsep kami adalah "learning English can take place anywhere". Dengan bimbingan dan support dari konsultan kami, kami menjamin bahwa siswa akan belajar banyak hal sekaligus mendapatkan waktu berkualitas yang menyenangkan bersama kami.